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Reftone 2LD side by side grey cone

Reftone model 2LD

The new version 2LD from Reftone Speakers are now available! More news to come.





Enter To Win a pair of Reftone 2LD at Front End Audio

For the month of April, we're giving away a new pair of 2LD through Front End Audio! Enter here for your chance to WIN! Please follow us on  Read more

Ever have a problem hearing what’s really in your mix? There’s a reason! Check out this blog post on “single-driver monitoring” by Front End Audio. They explain how using Reftone gives you another perspective and reveals what you’re missing in your mix, to help make better... Read more

Lalah Hathaway 2 grammys 2017

Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners of 2017 Grammy Awards! We are especially proud of all the participants who used Reftone speakers in their production process. Whether it was during tracking, editing, mixing or mastering, thank you to everyone who used Reftone LD-1 to... Read more